Welcome to Gary Burkhart, DMD

The goal of Gary Burkhart Dentistry cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Bartonsville, PA is to help our patients achieve and maintain the best possible dental health, and give them the beautiful smiles they deserve. In order to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of our patients, our state-of-the-art dental practice features the most advanced dental technology. Our dentistry practice is dedicated to providing you with personalized dental care in a caring, friendly, thorough, and comfortable manner. With our advanced techniques and broad range of services, a new, better smile can be yours after only one or two office visits.

The Gary Burkhart Dentistry practice proudly provides complete preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services for all our patients. Dr. Burkhart combines his precision techniques and years of experience, with a compassionate and gentle approach, to make your experience as relaxed and pleasant as possible. In your initial consultation, Dr. Burkhart will inform you of your options, help you to establish realistic expectations, and customize a treatment plan that will best meet your needs and goals.

A new, better smile is within your reach. Set an appointment with Dr. Burkhart at Gary Burkhart Dentistry in Bartonsville, PA today.